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    Three-phase four-wire system 380V 2kW/h


    Low Presure gas 100,000kcal/h





  • TAEHWAN’s THDR-20 Tongdori is a 20kg rotating drum roaster and mixer. It is a multipurpose roasting apparatus used by medium retailers of roasted grain or herbal medicine manufacturing factories. The THDR-20 is equipped with powerful forced draught gas burners that delivers responsive and easily controlled heat to each batch. The machine also contains an auto-ignition system that cycles on to maintain constant temperature for continuous roasting. Its solid stirring structure enables roasting and drying of various materials and consistency in output.


    Excellent Mixing Ability

    The Tongdori mixes the roasted material uniformly using a stirring wing and the rotation of the drum. This exceptional mixing system limits the time that the roasted material directly contacts with the drum surface which leads to the most uniform quality without burns or inconsistencies.

    Automatic Discharge Feature

    When cooking time is set the Tongdori tilts forward to discharge the roasted contents evenly then returns to its original position ready for the next batch.

    Application on Various Materials

    This roasting apparatus was originally designed to roast sesame. However, it has proven to be perfect for dozens of uses. The drum is designed as a cylindrical caldron, capable of roasting and drying various materials from small particle grains to root medicinal herbs, leaf teas, goji berry teas, dried pollack, shrimp, anchovy, and luminaria. Powder-like materials can smoothly be dried or distributed by applying a Teflon coating to the inside of a roasting drum. With such various applications of the Tongdori it is sure to bring cost savings and efficiency to your operation.

    Open Drum Structure Reduces Water Content

    By adopting an open drum structure, the Tongdori stirs and roasters material rapidly while immediately discharging water, dust, and smoke. This results in clean flavors and the rapid drying of the product extends the product shelf life.

    Hygienic Structure Suitable for Production

    The stainless steel drum makes direct contact with the roasted product and is hygienic. The caldron shape of the drum allows the angle to be adjusted freely and allows for convenience in cleaning.

    Usage of Various Heat Sources

    Tongdori roasters can be made to use electricity, LPG, or LNG.

    Ideal for: Roasting of grains like brown rice, rice, soybean, sesame, perilla, and millet. Roasting herbal medicine like ginseng, solomon’s seal, euommia tea, goji berry, chicory, etc. 

    Roasting and drying dried seafood like anchovy, dried pollack and luminaria Powder roasting and drying work


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  • Three-phase four-wire system 380V 2kW/h

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