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    Three-phase four-wire system 380V 2kW/h


    Low Presure gas 90,000kcal/h





  • The TAEHWAN THRC-80 is a 80kg commercial automatic cooker used for various foods such as fried rice, fried meat and seafood, fried vegetables, sauce (soup) cooking, fried vegetable, noodles, seaweed chips, etc. The stainless steel design of the rotary cooker rotates evenly with mixing blades that create consistent temperature control through an automatic system which cycles on to maintain temperature. The THRC-80 will make your operation faster, more convenient, and consistent without sacrificing quality.

    Excellent Mixing Ability

    The THRC-80 mixes the roasted material uniformly using a stirring wing and the rotation of the drum. This exceptional mixing system limits the time that the roasted material directly contacts with the drum surface which leads to the most uniform quality without burns or inconsistencies.

    Automatic Ignition System According to the Set Temperature

    Auto-ignition system that cycles on to accurately maintain constant temperature.

    Complete Automation of Temperature and Cooking Time  

    By inputting temperature, speed of a drum caldron, and cooking time the THRC-80 produces consistent cooking every batch.

    Automatic Discharge Feature

    When cooking is complete, pressing the discharge button the THRC-80 tilts forward to discharge the roasted contents evenly then returns to its original position. This efficient and easy discharge prevents excess heat to overcook the product.

    Long Lasting Teflon Coated Drum

    The stainless steel drum caldron is coated with high temperature Teflon that is long-lasting and allows for easier maintenance.

    Doubles as a Mixer

    The rotating drum and mixing blades can also be used as a professional mixer.


    Ideal for:

    1) All types of fried rice

    2) Fried meat, vegetables for dumpling fillings

    3) Pork cutlet sauce, jajangmyon sauce

    4) Liquid coating and heating for various foods

    5) Stirring various mixed materials

    6) Soups and stews


Installation & Video


  • Three-phase four-wire system 380V 2kW/h

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