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    1Phase 220V 8kW/h


    Electric heater 7kW/h





  • Coffee Roasting, Reimagined.

    Using advanced convection technology and the ability to control heat, time and airflow the 12KG Air Roaster combines convenience with excellent results. Preheating quickly, the rapid control of heat allows for roast times as fast as 4 minutes for high-volume usage in grocery/department stores.


    100% Hot Air Roaster

    Experience the rich flavors from air roasting. Even a beginning roaster can achieve quality results consistently and continuously in a high-volume retail environment. With programmable profiles you can set various profiles with a touch of a button.


    Maximized Heat Efficiency

    With decades of roasting experience, Proaster understands the dynamics of a good roast. Each coffee bean receives uniform heat and is circulated in a beautiful current of floating coffee. The machine responds rapidly to changes in heat or airflow settings allowing for maximum control and heat efficiency.


    Programming by Roast Stage

    Roasts can be programmed to complete at any level of roast (mild-dark) along accurate temperature and airflow adjustments that ensure proper development of coffee. 30 data points can be stored.

    Optional: Data output


    No Ventilation System Needed

    Silver skin is collected by cyclone and the smoke removal design does not require a separate air purifier. Thus, you can place this roaster freely anywhere in your café, grocery store, or snack section of your department store.


    Roasting Exhibit

    Most consumers do not realize that the roasted coffee they enjoy starts off as a small, dense, green seed in the middle of a coffee cherry. This roaster allows your customers a window into the beautiful transformation from green bean into perfectly roasted coffee. Customers will gather around this machine to observe the waves of coffee swirl around the transparent roasting canister.  The changing colors and aroma will entice customers to try specialty coffee and the roasting time can be used to explain the unique characteristics of the bean being roasted. 




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  • 1Phase 220V 8kW/h


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