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Industrial Air Roaster


    Three-phase four-wire system 380V 22~30kW/h


    Gas over 300,000kcal/h





  • TAEHWAN’s High Capacity Industrial Air Roaster is designed to give you exceptional roast results at scale with consistent quality and flexibility to adjust to various grain inputs. Being Korea’s first air roaster with a production rate of up to 4 ton/hr the Industrial Air Roaster by TAEHWAN can meet the demands of large domestic companies as well as international markets. With continuous operation and full automation, this Industrial Air Roaster is the ideal solution for roasting grains such as rice, soybean, sorghum, adlay, barley, glutinous rice, brown rice, buckwheat, etc.

    Excellent Puffing Rate

    This Industrial Air Roaster puffs grain quickly and evenly through high temperature operation. The puffing rate can be easily controlled based on the temperature, time, and airflow to account for differences in environmental conditions as well as the moisture content of what is being roasted.

    Maximized Heat Efficiency

    The design of the Industrial Air Roaster allows for maximum heating efficiency. Based on the material to be roasted the machine can be adjusted to provide consistent output. Preheating the machine is also significantly faster than a direct fire roaster.

    Full Automation

    Inputting → Roasting → Cooling → Discharging The entire roasting process can be automatically operated both to control for the desired quality and quantity. It’s simple to program the machine to meet multiple roasting applications.

    MMI Simulation: Remote-Control System (Optional for Large Equipment)

    Through the introduction of a remote-control system, work processes can be controlled from the comfort of your office. A touch screen control panel makes programing the roasts easy, and the data input/output management maximizes accuracy. For safety, the different functions of the machine are interlocked so if any part of the system receives an abnormal signal a warning and error message is generated.


Installation & Video


  • Three-phase four-wire system 380V 22~30kW/h


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