• 2004

    Exported hot air roaster (HR-400) to USA
    Registered as a venture company

  • 2003

    Development of large capacity hot air roaster with capacity of 4 tons per hour
    Delivered Sampyo Food Icheon

  • 2002

    Developed 'hot air roaster' for the first time in Korea

  • 2001

    Developed Coffee Roaster 1kg for Shop
    Revival of roastery with the development of smoke eliminator

  • 2000

    Developed automatic cooking pot rotary cooker
    Developed versatile stir fry machine

  • 1999

    First Korean made coffee roaster
    Development and sales of factory type 25kg roaster

  • 1997

    Development and sales of own technology vacuum transfer machine

  • 1995

    Development and sales of grain washer

  • 1994

    Development and sales of multipurpose industrial roaster

  • 1993

    Received the Minister of Agriculture, Forest and Forest Award

  • 1991

    Company established
    Started out by releasing a sesame roasting machine to great success.


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